Blasting Equipment

M-Series Blasters

Multi-Media Blasters (M-Series)

Schmidt M-Series multi-media blasters add flexibility to your blasting operation. They are designed to be used with a broader range of abrasive media than a typical blaster, allowing you to achieve the surface profile you need because you can use the abrasive best suited for the job.

The M-Series comes in the Mini 0.9 cu ft and in 1.5, 2.0 and 3.0 cu ft. 

Blast & Recovery Systems

All Blast Recovery Systems can perform blast and vacuum functions. The BRS (2.0, 3.5 and 6.5 cu. ft. units) can perform these tasks simultaneously, virtually eliminating dust clouds, improving visibility, and reducing costly cleanup. BRS systems can also perform each function independently, making them versatile and powerful tools for many blast cleaning applications.

Accustrip "Soda" Systems

The Accustrip System® is designed for use with sodium bicarbonate blast media. This environmentally friendly system is ideal for industrial cleaning, architectural cleaning, graffiti removal, one-step cleaning and deodorizing after fire and smoke damage, and paint removal. Simple operation and a maintenance-friendly design make the Accustrip System easy to use and easy to own. A selection of nozzles is available for applications ranging from stripping delicate substrates and cleaning applications to paint stripping and corrosion removal.

Bulk Blasting Equipment

Schmidt bulk blasters are designed to maximize the cost savings of high volume production. These high productive blasting systems feature multi-outlet Thompson Valve® II controls that allow each operator independent control of their abrasive media flow. Standard bulk systems include 20, 120, 160, 500, 650 and 800 cu. ft. sizes. Custom Systems can be designed to meet specific needs.

Portable Abrasive Blasting Systems

Schmidt portable abrasive blasters are safe, high productive systems designed for use with a wide range of abrasive media. Standard packages are available in 1bag/1.5, 3 bag/3.5, 6 bag/6.5, 10 bag/10.5 and 20 bag/20.5 cu. ft. sizes to match your application. Custom systems can be designed to meet specific needs.

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