The BMG-435P is a gas powered grinder is an ideal machine for preparing surfaces prior to new coatings. Perfect for removing old coatings or adhesive residues, to smooth or flatten concrete slabs including curled expansion joints, or to just simply remove unsightly surface imperfections.

For decorative concrete applications, it may be used with the new Chryso Brush System to do dry finish exposed aggregrate concrete. Using a surface retarder like traditional exposed, the Chryso Brushes are used to remove the surface grout and expose the aggregrate beneath the surface. When connected to a Diamatic Dust Extractor the process is dust free. This cutting edge no water system is proven to be a viable and sustainable solution where traditional methods are not acceptable or present an ecological problem.

Features & Benefits: 


  • Three head planetary design
  • Separate drive system for main drum and planetary disks
  • Heavy-duty, professional machine 
  • Height adjustable front wheel
  • Height adjustable back wheels
  • Can be used wet or dry
  • Electric start
Optional Accessories:
  • Chryso Brush set up
  • Optional front wheel jack
  • Optional wheel jack for rear wheel 


BMG-435P Data Sheet

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