Portable Diesel & Electric Dust Collectors
Product Highlights: (ADI trailer-mounted systems) 
  • Top loaded polyester filters in a vertical arrangement for natural release of dust.
  • All XL Collectors are available with single pass Gore-Tex HEPA rated filters
  • 12 VDC control package with filter pulsing system and electronic diesel engine control package with safety shutdowns. All controls are powered by the engine battery system and totally self-contained.
  • Pulse-jet cleaning requires 80psig of compressed air. On board air compressors are optional.
  • Oversized Cummins diesel engines with automatic hydraulic clutch standard
  • Low profile 10’ 6” OAH with pintle hook. Some models available on 5th wheel trailer with air brakes and running gear.
  • Single inclined dust discharge screw with clearance for dust to discharge into full size 55 gal drum. Customized version available without discharge screw.
  • 16 hrs average capacity fuel tank

Industrial Vacuum 6000 CFM Dust Collector
Stationary, electric 6,000 CFM dust collector

Atlantic Design XL 20

Portable Dust Collectors
XL20 Diesel Driven

Atlantic Design XL40
Portable Dust Collector
XL 40 Diesel Driven

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