Portable Wheel Blast Equipment
Ideal for applications such as:
  • Oil storange tanks & pipelines
  • Ship decks, hulls, and other surfaces
  • Offshore platforms, including helicopter landing pads
  • Specialized tools for specific jobs, such as underside blasting
  • A wide selection of vertical and horizontal steel surfaces

Blastrac 500E Global

Similar to the 350E, the Blastrac 500E Global Steel Blaster has an easily assembled modular construction to allow it to pass through narrow openings and hard to reach places for steel blasting and cleaning. With a great blast width, the 500E boasts a higher productivity rate for larger jobs.

Blastrac 350E Global

The Blastrac 350E steel shot blaster is perfect for small and medium-sized jobs. Its modular construction allows for it to be easily disassembled and reassembled through a space of 600mm.

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