Blast & Recovery Systems (BRS)

Features and Benefits 

  • Portable system used for lead and asbestos abatement, indoor blasting, bridge and road maintenance, building restoration and other steel and concrete cleaning applications
  • Flexible system can blast and recover simultaneously or independently
  • Available in 2.0, 3.5 and 6.5 cu. ft. systems with pneumatic or electric remote controls, patented Thompson Valve® metering system and ComboValve® blowdown system
  • Cyclone has large, quick-opening access door and two-part screen with removable center for easy access
  • Optional, adjustable, air wash cyclone improves abrasive cleaning
  • Three-way dust collector designed for wet, dry or dry-HEPA filters
  • Automatic pulse jet prevents clogging of dust filters
  • Quick opening hatches make cartridges and filters easy to remove and replace
  • Urethane eductor pump is available with 225, 350, 440, or 550 cfm nozzle
  • Moisture separator and media vibrator ensure even flow of abrasive
  • Options include 3’ BRS head with outer brush, remote abrasive cutoff for cleaner start/stop and reduced abrasive consumption, blast pressure regulator with gauge

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