Air Dryers & Aftercoolers

Perhaps the most important rule in abrasive blasting is to use clean, dry compressed air. Wet air ruins your abrasive, hampers your blasting productivity, contaminates your work surface, and can destroy bags or cartridge filters.

Schmidt offers the highest quality of moisture separation equipment that can solve your wet air problem, no matter how severe.

Air Prep Systems

Air driers and moisture separators are sized based upon the CFM or volume of air to be dried. Some models are designed for portable, outdoor blasting applications while others are designed to be hard piped onto a stationary blast machine. Volume capacities vary from less than 10 CFM to 2,500 CFM or more. Systems may include air coolers, deliquescent media, coalescent elements, or pressure vessels to allow compressed air to expand and condense water vapor into droplets for separation from the air.

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